The Declaration is an important device to demonstrate the level of community support for the development of a welcoming and supportive environment for sanctuary seekers.

The level of local support towards people seeking sanctuary in the Tees Valley area is important for politicians to be made aware of, especially with the forth coming general elections in May.

The Tees Valley of Sanctuary is asking that both individuals and groups sign the declaration as soon as possible. This can then be presented to the political leaders. There are over 285 signatories at the time of writing, with more being added daily.

We are asking people to also share a copy of the declaration with all groups and organisation they belong to, so the group can also be added to supporting signatories.

To be added either individually or your group to the list please send an email with Name, role and organisation to [email protected] .

The Declaration can be reached by using either the attachment or copy and pasting the link below into your web browser.

Thank you.

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