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Migration anti stigma course

The Red Cross  is delivering a course about migration Anti stigma  for 10 -19 years old in Middlesbrough and Stockton area. The Red Cross are looking to run the course in 2016, to coincide with school and college terms. The course contributes to SMSC and the PHSE sections in education.

The courses are 1-4 weeks in length. there are useful range of resources available from the Red Cross website -resources  , the resources cover a wide range of subject material from Refugee Anti Stigma to First Aid. All the resource’s are able to be used in Citizenship, PHSE and tutor.


Attached is our new flyer for free stigma around migration workshops we are delivering to 10 – 19 year olds in Stockton and Middlesbrough. Flyer anti stigma 2016

Red Cross offer a 1– 4 week programme where young people will have the opportunity to explore migration and the stigma that surrounds it. The sessions last between 50 – 90 minutes in duration.


Education that contributes to SMSC: Interest in exploring, understanding of and respect for cultural diversity and the extent that they understand, respect and celebrate diversity; PSHE: rights, responsibilities, change and resilience, equality and diversity.

For further details and to book please contact Natalie O’ Connor (Youth Education Coordinator), telephone 07525902590 or email [email protected]  .